Clockity Deskclock Frame

FAQ about the clock

What will my personalized clock be made from?
Your photo will be held in a clear acrylic frame which has been hand picked to be free from scratches. A hole is precision drilled through the center and a high quality quartz clock movement is installed.
What is the quality of the clock movement?
We use top quality quartz movements. The quality is so high that they come with a lifetime warranty.
How well does the clock keep the time?
The movement used in our clocks is accurate to +/- one second per day. This is exceptionally well for a mechanical clock.
How long will the AA battery last?
Depending on the climate you live in, battery life can vary. Generally we have found that a fresh battery provides 1 year of reliable power.
How can I maintain the beauty of my desktop clock?
You can keep the acrylic frame looking beautiful for many years simply by keeping it free of dust. To clean it you should use a soft cloth lightly moistened with water (never use chemicals) to wipe off the plastic. Do not use abrasive paper towels because they will scratch acrylic. Compressed air can also be used to gently remove dust.

FAQ warranty info

Can I return my clock for a refund?
We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your clock for any reason, just send it back and we will refund your money (minus all shipping charges). But if there is anything we can do to fix the problem we would love to do so! So please before making a return.
What if the clock stops working?
Your clock comes with a lifetime repair warranty. Please and explain the problem that you're having.
What if I drop my clock and it breaks?
You can send it back to us and we will repair or replace it for you at a small cost. Please first.

uploading photos

What kind of file can I upload?
Your photo must be a JPEG (.jpg) picture file. If the image you want to use is a different format then you can open the file in a picture editing program and re-save it as a JPEG (save at the highest quality that your software will allow).
What if the photo is on a CD-ROM or digital camera?
You can upload straight from your disc or camera by either putting the CD-ROM into your computer, or plugging in your digital camera.
How many megapixels does the picture need to be?
For best results your photo should have been captured at 2 megapixels or higher.
What if my picture is small?
Small pictures that we need to enlarge may lose some quality when printed. If you have a small picture (less than 600x900 for a vertical clock) then crop it as large as possible.
Can I crop my photo using my own picture software?
Absolutely! For a vertical clock crop your photo to 4x6" at 300DPI (1200x1800), or for a horizontal clock crop to 6x4" at 300DPI (1800x1200). If your picture is too small for these measurements, then just crop it as big as you can, and we will enlarge the photo before printing it.
What if my photo is not digital?
There are many services for getting your prints, film, or slides scanned and put on CD-ROM. However, if you cannot find one then we may be able to duplicate it for your clock. Please and let us know what size print you have (or if it's a film negative) and we will let you know if you should send it to us.
I got an error when I tried to upload my photo.
"File is not of type .jpg" Solution: Use a photo editing program on your computer to open the picture and re-save it as a JPEG (.jpg) file. If your file is already a JPEG there may be a problem with the file itself. You should try to re-save if from a photo editing program.

"Only part of the file was uploaded." Check the file size to make sure it is not over 10mb. Make sure you don't move the file on your computer while it is being uploaded, or if you are uploading from a CD-ROM/digital camera do not remove it from your computer until after the file is uploaded.

"Your file size is bigger than the 10mb limit of Clockity." You will need to use a photo editing program to reduce the pixel size (resolution) of your photo so that the file size is smaller than 10mb. Try cropping to either 1200x1800 pixels or 1800x1200 pixels.

uploading photos

How can I pay for my personalized clock?
You may pay online by using a PayPal account, use your credit card with PayPal (even if you don't have a PayPal account), or send a check or money order through the mail.
How much does shipping cost?
We charge as close to actual postal rates as possible. When you are on the checkout page you will have the opportunity to enter your address and see shipping costs to your area.
How long does shipping take?
This depends on your location. For orders within the United States your clock should arrive within 7 business days. International orders usually take from 10-14 days, but can be longer.
Can you ship a gift clock directly to the recipient?
Yes we can. Just enter their address into the "shipping address" area during checkout.